International Computer Driving License (ICDL)


The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) offers candidates an internationally-recognized certification that is supported by Governments, Education Systems, International organizations and Commercial Corporations alike. It is a high-quality, internationally recognized certification designed, and approved by academic and international experts from around the world. Each ICDL module consists of practical and up-to-date skills which are validated by a test.

Suitable for

  • Office workers / Teachers / non IT professionals etc.

Programme Structure

Basic Concept of IT

    • The physical make-up of a PC and concepts such as data storage, memory and viruses.

Using Computer and Managing Files

    • The fundamental functions of a personal computer and its operating system (Windows XP)

Word Processing

    • Using the Application: (First steps with Word Processing, Adjust Settings)
    • Main Operation: (Insert Data, Select Data, Edit Data, Duplicate, Move, Delete , Search and Replace)
    • Formatting: (Text Formatting, Paragraph Formatting , Document Formatting)
    • Objects: (Tables, Pictures , Images, Charts)
    • Mail Merge: (Concepts and Practice)
    • Prepare Outputs


    • Using the Application
    • Cells: (Insert Data, Select Data, Rows and Columns, Edit Data, Duplicate , Move, Delete, Search and Replace, Sort Data)
    • Worksheets
    • Formulas and Functions: (Arithmetic Formulas, Cell Referencing, Working with Function)
    • Formatting: (Numbers/Dates, Contents, Alignment, Border, Effects,)
    • Charts/ Graphs
    • Prepare Outputs


    • Using the Application : (Data base Concepts, First Steps With Database, Adjust Settings)
    • Tables: (Main Operation, Define Keys, Table Designing/Layout, Table Relationships)
    • Forms
    • Retrieve Information: (Main Operation, Queries, Sort Records)
    • Reports
    • Prepare Outputs


    • Using the Application
    • Developing a Presentation: (Presentation Views, Slides, Using Design Templates, Master Slides)
    • Text and Images: (Text Input, Formatting, Pictures, Images, Duplicate. Move, Delete)
    • Charts/Graph ,Drawn Objects: (Using Charts/Graphs, Organization Charts, Drawn Objects, Duplicate, Move, Delete)
    • Slide Show Effects: (Presets Animation, Transitions)
    • Prepare Outputs: (Preparation, Printing, Deliver a Presentation)

Information & Communication (Using Internet Explorer)

  • The Internet: (Concepts/Times, Security Considerations, First Steps with Web Browser, Adjust Settings)
  • Web Navigation: (Accessing Web Pages, Using Bookmarks, Organizing Bookmarks)
  • Web Searching: (Using a Search Engine, Preparation, Printing)
  • Electronic Mail: (Concepts / Terms , Security Considerations, First Steps with E-mail, Adjust Settings)
  • Messaging: (Read a Message, Reply to a Message, Send a Message, Duplicate, Move, Delete)
  • Mail Management: (Techniques, Using Address Books, Organizing Messages, Prepare to Print.


In order to register for ICDL testing, each candidate must obtain an ICDL Skills Card from an approved test centre (ESOFT Computer Studies (Pvt) Ltd). The skills card is the document which records the individual’s registration, and which is updated by the approved test centre as candidates pass the exam in each ICDL module.
Once all the exams have been successfully completed and the skills card is complete, the approved test centre returns the skills card to the national operator (Test IT (Pvt) Ltd) who will then issue the certificate to the candidate. An ICDL certificate is awarded to candidates who complete 7 ICDL modules.
ICDL testing can only be taken at an approved test centre. The ECDL / ICDL national operator is responsible for approving test centres and auditing them on a regular basis to ensure they meet ECDL Foundation’s quality assurance standards.


50 Hours (04 Months)

Course Fee 

Rs.15,000/= (All Inclusive)

Installments :

1st Installments – Rs. 7500/=
2nd Installments – Rs. 5000/=
3rd Installments – Rs. 2500/=