AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

AWS certified Sysops Administrator Associate


1.1-Introduction to the AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate 


1.3-How To Find The Resources For This Course.


1.5-Exam Blueprint


2–Monitoring & Reporting

2.1-Cloudwatch Introduction


2.3-Monitoring EC2 With Custom Metrics


2.5-Monitoring EBS 


2.7-Monitoring ELB 

2.8-Monitoring Elasticache 

2.9-Metrics From Multiple Regions & Custom Dashboards 

2.10-Create A Billing Alarm 

2.11AWS Organisations Lab 

2.12-AWS Resource Groups & Tagging

2.13-EC2 Pricing Models 

2.14-AWS Config 101 

2.15-AWS Config Lab 

2.16-AWS Config Vs AWS CloudTrail Vs CloudWatch 

2.17-Health Dashboards

2.18-Monitoring & Reporting Summary 


3–Deployment & Provisioning


3.1-Deploy An EC2 Instance Lab 

3.2-EC2 Launch Issues

3.3-EBS Volumes And IOPS 

3.4-What Is A Bastion Host? 

3.5-Elastic Load Balancers 

3.6-ELB Error Messages 

3.7-ELB CloudWatch Metrics 

3.8-Deploying An Application Load Balancer Lab 

3.9-AWS Systems Manager

3.10-Deployment & Provisioning Summary 


4–High Availability


4.1-Elasticity & Scalability 101 

4.2-RDS And Multi-AZ Failover 

4.3-RDS & Using Read Replicas 

4.4-RDS & Using Read Replicas Lab 

4.5-RDS What Versions 


4.7-Aurora 101 

4.8-Aurora Lab 

4.9-Troubleshooting Potential Auto Scaling Issues 

4.10-High Availability Summary 


5–Storage & Data Management


5.1-Introduction to S3

5.2-S3 Lab 

5.3-S3 Lifecycle Policies 

5.4-MFA Delete 

5.5-S3 Encryption

5.6-S3 Encryption Lab

5.7-EC2 Volume Types 

5.8-Upgrading EC2 Volume Types - Lab 

5.9-Encryption & Downtime 

5.10-KMS & CloudHSM 


5.12-Sharing AMIs

5.13-Snowball & Snowball Edge

5.14-Storage Gateway

5.15-Introducing Athena

5.16-Athena Lab

5.17-Storage & Data Management Summary




6.1-Compliance On AWS


6.3-AWS Marketplace Security Products

6.4-IAM Custom Policies Lab

6.5-Roles & Custom Policies Lab

6.6-MFA & Reporting With IAM Lab

6.7-Security Token Service

6.8-Security & Logging

6.9-AWS Hypervisors

6.10-Dedicated Instances Vs Dedicated Hosts

6.11-AWS Systems Manager EC2 Run Command

6.12-AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

6.13-AWS Config With S3

6.14-Presigned URLs

6.15-Inspector Vs Trusted Advisor

6.16-Shared Responsibility

6.17-Other Security Aspects

6.18-Security Summary


7–Networking & Route53



7.2-Register Your Domain Name 

7.3-DNS Routing 

7.4-Simple Routing Policy Lab 

7.5-Weighted Routing Policy Lab

7.6-Latency Routing Policy Lab

7.7-Failover Routing Policy Lab

7.8-Geolocation Routing Policy Lab

7.9-Multivalue Routing 

7.10-DNS Summary & Exam Tips




8.1-VPC Overview 

8.2-Build a custom VPC - Part 1

8.3-Build A Custom VPC - Part 2

8.4-Network Address Translation (NAT)

8.5-Access Control Lists (ACLs)

8.6-VPC Endpoints

8.7-Custom VPC's and Application Load Balancers

8.8-VPC Flow Logs

8.9-NAT's vs Bastions

8.10-VPC Clean Up

8.11-VPC Summary

8.12-Networking Quiz




9.1-Introducing CloudFormation

9.2-CloudFormation Lab

9.3-Introducing ElasticBeanstalk

9.4-Elastic Beanstalk Lab

9.5-AWS OpsWorks

9.6-Automation Summary


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